The new Jeff Finlin book of prose is now available

"The Seduction of Radha"

is a collection of poems dealing with the union of the beloved (the primal root) from which we have been cut off -and the longing and
desire to restore it 

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Check out the new video for the Mega Hit

 "I Killed Myself Last Night"

 " Finlin writes with the minimalist grit of Sam Shepard and Raymond Carver.
Tune in and you will hear an illusive magic!"

Dave Hoekstra-Chicogo Sun Times

Some folks come to Nashville, amble over to music row and look for a cookie cutter solution.
Hand Jeff Finlin a cookie cutter, and he’s liable to melt it down and then forge it into something sharper and more dangerous.

Peter Cooper- The Tennessean

"Jeff Finlin might be one of the finest American troubadours since Bob Dylan."

JR Moehringer
5280 magazine

"If Jeff Finlin were not a songwriter, it’s likely he’d be a novelist and
he’d fall somewhere between Kerouac, Twain and Vonnegut."

Neil Fagan
Performing Songwriter

"Audacious work bathed in warmth and reflection."

Michael McCall, Nashville Scene

"His skill for marrying smart-yet-simple, honest narrative to fresh, intimate
melodies elevates him far above the average musical fray.
These haunting musical tales weave an aural tapestry that
bears closer examination on lazy afternoons and in the wee
hours of the night, where its powerful sounds best fill the lonely
empty spaces of an oft-moody, quietly unpredictable universe."

Gary Glauber



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